Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Vehicle A.I., the story

Imagine you are looking through your neighbour's window. He's been sitting in front of his computer since you had those awesome eggs and bacon for breakfast.

He has hardly moved since. Until now.

It is 3:30AM, and all of a sudden he's cheering hysterically, pointing at his screen.

You start to question the quality of your country's mental health institutions. You even ponder if you should call the emergency services so they assist the poor guy.

But there is something you are not aware of. Something that would turn this ridiculous situation into an event you could find an explanation to. Something that would even be... logical.

What you don't know is that your neighbour is a developer in Byte Conveyor Studios. You don't know that he has just had the vehicle A.I., that he's been working on all day, perform correctly on the very first try. And you don't know that he is the one now writing this blog entry.

The exact moment when the first AI-driven truck arrived at destination

Not only did the pathfinding part of the script perform correctly, but I was not expecting obstacle navigation to work on the first try. At a point in the test run, the vehicle actually backed up while turning in order to properly hit one of the waypoints that was too close for its turn radius.

Turn radius function. One of the many things I never thought I'd have to learn in my life.

Then, of course, I had to repeat the process adding more vehicles. Since collisions with other vehicles are still not programmed in, the results were both satisfying and hilarious.

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