Take control as the Fire Control Officer of an AC-130 Gunship following its story since its inception during the Vietnam war. Provide Close Air Support to your troops on the ground, fly Armed Reconnaissance and obliterate the enemy supply lines, give Landing Zone support for insertions and extractions under fire, protect US bases from enemy attacks and more while avoiding friendly and civilian casualties. Be always on the lookout for AAA and missile threats!

FEATURES (under development, more features may be added)

- Watch the world through the AC-130’s Infrared sensors, with black-hot or white-hot modes and zoom. Use your radar systems to detect vehicles and large objects.
- Hundreds of units on the battlefield, each one thinking and acting completely independently
- It’s a living, breathing world down there. Each soldier has a mission. Desperate fights break out between foes. Friendlies call you for assistance. Civilians run for cover.
- Artillery, tanks, trucks, APCs, attack ships, helicopters and bombers.
- Large 1.5 square mile (4 square kilometer) sectors, with hills, jungles, rivers, bridges, buildings, bases and more.
- Build your crew. Watch as they gain experience and become better at their job, making life easier for you.
- Get rewarded for your performance with access to cutting-edge equipment and escort aircraft bomb runs, as well as medals and promotions.
- Listen as your crew comment and react to the battle and keep you informed.
- Be on your guard! Anti-aircraft guns and missiles are an ever-present danger. Aircraft systems may get damaged, crewmembers killed, or you may even get shot out of the sky.
- Your weapons overheat, get jammed or destroyed. Use them properly.