Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Physics are fun!

At the time, I'm in the process of incorporating all vehicles into the game. Today I've finished land vehicle motion. Not the A.I., but the motion per se.

There are two types of land vehicles: wheeled and tracked. The motion for both types is purely physics-driven, which is always fun. Since there is no A.I. to move them yet, I was controlling them directly with my keyboard during testing, and I have to admit I may have spent more time than I should have making them do some stunts, rolling them over or seeing if I could climb that steep hill.

The programming takes into account several factors, like terrain ruggedness (you'll see the vehicles rock while driving on dirt, while pavement will make for a smooth ride), tire slip and Center Of Mass shifting with tilt. I particularly liked seeing how the BTR-60 handled, which uses four of its eight wheels for steering.

Here's an outtake video of one of the many tests. I'm actually controlling all vehicles at the same time with my keyboard, so expect to see some mischief:

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