Sunday, December 21, 2014

(a lot) More work on vehicles and crews

I know it's been a while since my last entry, and I apologize. But it's really not my fault. I blame it on those sober North Vietnamese Army drivers back in early 70's Vietnam. Had they been dead drunk while driving their supply convoys down the Ho Chi Minh trail, I would've been able to write sooner.

I sense a certain degree of confusion in you.
Let me explain.

For the last three weeks now, I've been working on vehicles. First came Pathfinding (making a vehicle find a suitable path from point A to point B in the map). I was particularly scared of this one, and though it would be quite a daunting undertaking, especially since I had to make vehicles properly follow roads and lanes, and decide when it was appropriate to leave them when navigating towards off-road waypoints.
But I did it; everything went real smooth and way faster than I had expected.

I thought the worst was over, and was feeling real confident I would scratch vehicles off the list sooner than planned. So then came the simple task of collision avoidance: making vehicles react to traffic and people around them so as not to crash or get stuck in the way. In other words, act the opposite of a drunk driver.
The deadline for this was 2 days. 48 hours. Easy peasy.


15 days later, working an average 12 hours a day including weekends, I was just finishing it. On the way, I had to pretty much start over from scratch, TWICE.

So that leaves us here, today. The last couple of days after finishing collision avoidance, I've been working on -and finished- crews and passengers.
All vehicles now need crews to function. A vehicle with no driver won't move. One without a gunner won't fire.
Also, troop carriers will carry personnel in them. It makes for quite a view seeing, through the AC-130's FLIR, several trucks unload tens of soldiers who will run into the battle.

So that's done. I'm really hoping things will be smoother from now on.
Next up: vehicle weapon operation. Catch you on the flip side.

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