Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Finished with soldier weapons!

The script that handles the "tactics" part is extremely crude at the moment; it's just so soldier weapons and damage modelling can be tested, so don't expect to see anything too cunning coming out of these guys.

Still, it's looking pretty good. More importantly, even with this temporary, extremely unefficient script, things are working pretty fast, so that's quite a relief for me.

Performance in a game with such a huge amount of characters and so much going on is something I'm worrying about most of the time.

So, here's a video of a huge firefight, starting with hillside ambush, and with reinforcements coming in until an M113 APC arrives at the end.

Mind you, since I created this video, I've added some cool blood gushing/spatter effect for some violent deaths. Sorry, no time for a new video at the moment.

And here's a video of an enemy Anti-Tank team engaging an M113 with RPGs.

You can read up more on firefights in this article on IndieDB, where I explain damage modelling, bleeding injuries and more.

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