Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Convoy engagement

I uploaded a new video today (and the news article to go with it on IndieDB) showcasing the engagement of a truck convoy escorted by a BTR-60 APC.

This may be the coolest video I've released to date. Maybe I like it because it kind of puts a lot of the things I've been working on together in one same scene, and makes it seem "alive", rather than just a display of very specific things.
A lot happens in just a few seconds, and what's even better, some of those things were kind of unexpected.

The one thing you can see clearly in the video is a GAZ-67 (kind of a soviet-built jeep) rolling over backwards. I wondered why it did, since I could not spot a big explosion nearby.
Upon closer inspection (and a frame-by-frame, since I thought I was dealing with some kind of weird bug) I discovered you can see the rear truck's fuel tank explode before its cargo does a few seconds later.
The tank is on the left side of the vehicle, so you can't see it from the angle the camera is in. It's also located below the truck, so its blast would send things with a higher Center of Mass upwards. The GAZ-67 was located at just the right spot to have that explosion affect it like that.

Also, while making the video I didn't even notice that soldiers escaping the vehicles to the left of the screen came under attack by a group of friendly soldiers that happened to pass the cliff above the convoy. You can see tracers flying at the bottom-left if you pay attention.

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